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Rolf Schild – Composer, Musician & Producer

Rolf Schild is an experienced composer/producer from Germany. He started to compose music in 1976 after founding his first band. Rolf is composing ever since.

Influenced by the orchestral- and fusion bands from the 70ies and by his education on classical guitar, his music comprises a huge variety of genres and styles. in 1996 he started to produce music with DAWs.

Today his gear, software, and studio are up to date. Rolf has a ‘working horse’ mentality when it comes to producing music for licensing and film. Focusing on the need of the clients and yet keep his own flavor delivering high-quality productions. Focus of his productions: Orchestral | Hybrid orchestral | orchestral¬†Hip-Hop 50ies – 80ies vibes Funny, quirky music, music for children Drones & underscore Tension & Neo-Noir trailer music Folk and Americana Meditation relaxation Everything that features stringed instruments like guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukulele, cavaquinho, etc.