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I am an experienced and award-winning music producer, dedicated to meeting the needs of my clients and library owners. Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated a passion for music production that seamlessly complements the visual elements of films, TV shows, and advertisements.

My expertise spans various genres, including orchestral music, dramedy, minimal tension, EDM, and neutral soundscapes. When creating music, I prioritize understanding my clients’ goals and thrive on collaborative work.

My philosophy revolves around client-centric service, rather than imposing my personal artistic preferences. I am committed to delivering exceptional quality work that aligns perfectly with each project.

With major TV placements on ABC, HULU, DMAX Nederlands 2, Nederlands 3, RTL5, and ION, I have established a reputation as a highly respected music producer.

Music production Rolf Schild
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music production rolf schild hulu
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©+2024 Rolf Schild Music Production. All Rights Reserved.

©+2024 Rolf Schild Music Production. All Rights Reserved.