About me

Rolf SchildBorn in 1959 in Germany.

In spring 1975, six months after I got my first guitar, I started composing music, and I’ve been doing that ever since.

For my first band “KuKoMaRe” I composed the music and in my self-study I learned how to arrange wind instruments in the context of a larger instrumentation (max. 16 musicians). For a (not studied) musician this was an enormous challenge, and I learned a lot by mastering it.
In the mid-eighties I was guitarist of the group “Rousseau” for which I composed two pieces. Masquerade and As If Painted.
During this time I dedicated myself extensively to the study of classical guitar and developed my piano skills.

From 1985 to 1992 I was not active in bands, but led various choirs in Northern Hesse, for which I composed and arranged music.
In 1992 I founded the jazz duo “Blue Bossa”, with whom I still perform today. The nineties were further influenced by my membership in the Hanoverian band “Fishermen & Friends” (Rock and Crossover) and the Kassel band “Saveiro Azul” (Brazil Reggae, Roots) around the singer, guitarist and Capoeira Angola master “Rogeiro Soarez”.

During this time I learned computer-aided composing and arranging with an Atari ST and later with Cubase on a Window PC.
In the following time I produced some CDs for different bands with success.
From 2000 on I was completely occupied by family and job, played in two bands and produced only little . In 2015 I’ve joined some Americana style bands as guitarist, banjo and mandolin player.

In April 2020 I updated my equipment to Cubase 10.5, Komplete 12 and Maschine Mk3  and several further plugins from Native Instruments, Steinberg, Orchestral Tools, Spitfire Audio, Plugin Alliance and Soundiron.

Today I’m composing and arranging 2 – 3 track per week in different genres.